DEI Discussion Group (PTOP-BPA)


Intersectionality and Identity in Academia, November 25th


Join us for the November DEI discussion group on intersectionality and identity in academia. Intersectionality describes how race, class, gender, and other individual characteristics “intersect” to create certain privileges or disadvantages. In an open discussion, we will talk about why, when we consider racism in academia, we need to think through a lens of intersectionality. We will also reflect on how our own characteristics or identities influence our position in society, and our approach to research. 

When: November 25th at 4 pm.


Here are some materials to help prepare the discussion:



Discussion questions:

  • How do intersectional identities influence someone’s position in society in general, and in academia?

  • What are some of the factors that you think shape your own identity and social position? How do they impact the challenges you face in your career?

  • How does your identity and lived experience influence your approach to research? For example, does your identity influence what type of research you’re interested in, and how you conduct your research?

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