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The Berkeley Postdoctoral Association (BPA) is a volunteer organization of postdocs working for all postdocs.  On our website you can find information on social events, schedule of orientation for new postdoctoral scholars, policy issues of interest to Berkeley postdoctoral scholars, announcements for seminars for professional development, and lists of useful resources.

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Events and Announcements for April 2014


So, what’s up in April?  That’s the vernacular (yes, I googled that word) for “what activities and events are being planned by the Berkeley Postdoc Association for April?   Are there any other special occasions in April that I might find interesting?”  Why yes, there is, how about April Fool’s Day (So, what’s up with April Fool’s Day?) .  Well, April Fool’s Day occurs on April 1st and on this day you can pull a prank on a friend and then laugh about it the rest of the entire day.  Please please, however, don’t devise such a cunning joke that it upsets your friend greatly, that is not the point of this day.  Anyhow, moving along, if someone comes up to you and  says “hey, what’s up?” give ‘em the whole enchilada (tell them your whole life story), they asked for it !!!

The special even for this month being hosted by the BPA, is the Spring Cookout.  It will be a potluck, so you are free to bring some delicious food to share.  Keep an eye out for the announcement of this event.


Calendar of events for April 2014

1.       Monday, April 1st:  April fool’s day

2.       Wednesday, April 2nd: BPA Happy Hour with beer and pizza, 6:00 pm in front of Pat Brown’s Grill

3.       Thursday, April 10th:  All Talks Considered in Burrows Hall, 6:15 pm in room 652

4.       Tuesday, April 15th :  Passover

5.       Wednesday, April 16th:  BPA Pub social at the Beta Lounge, 6:30 Durant and Fulton

6.       Thursday, April 17th: BPA Monthly Board Meeting at Burrows Hall, 6:30 pm in room 652.

7.       Sunday, April 20th :  Easter

8.       Tuesday, April 22ndEarth  Day!!!

9.       Saturday, April 26th :  Spring Cookout with the BPA starts at 12:00 pm at Cordonices park.


Share your ideas:

We will be preparing an important housing survey for Postdoctoral scholars.  Please keep an eye out for an announcement regarding this survey.


2. BPA Happy Hour: Please come join us Wednesday, April 2nd , 2014 for free pizza, wine, beer, cider and soft drinks, on the Wayne and Gladys Valley Plaza, at 6 pm (outside of Pat Brown’s Grill near to Koshland Hall and Li Ka Shing).

3. All Talks Considered: Please join us Thursday, April 10th  2014, at 6:15 pm in Barrow Hall room 652, for a lively discussion and two 15-minute talks from UC Berkeley postdocs from various fields.  The talks are researched based but non-specialized, the main aim is that they are accessible to all, in this informal setting where we hope new ideas and links can be made.  We will be providing snacks and non-alcoholic beverages, so please come!

This month’s speakers are:

Florian Brosser from the Department of Philosophy, UC Berkeley

Title:  Revolution – or the (im-)possibility of the New

Nicole Rosner – Department of Anthropology, UC Berkeley

Title:  Experimental urban practices in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

If you would like to give such a talk, whatever your research area or progress with your project, we want to hear about it.  Please email Michaela, the ATC coordinator,  materavest@lbl.gov

5. BPA Pub Social at the Beta Lounge: We have fancy  ‘reserved’ signs that the Beta Lounge kindly put out for us, so look out for them at one of the tables, or, ideally, the sofas at the back.  This way you don’t have to wander the bar looking for ‘people that look like postdocs’ (what does a postdoc look like?  To Be Discussed).  So please, join us on April  16th, the beers are varied and the wine is nice. The Beta Lounge (http://www.thebetalounge.com/) is on Fulton and Durant from 6:30 PM ‘til closing, it has $3.50 beers and $5 glasses of wine.

6. BPA Board Meeting:   The BPA board is always open to new ideas; we encourage everyone to get involved and help out. So if you would like to voice issues that you feel affect postdocs, or programs you’d like to start, then join us on April 17th at Burrows Hall, 6:30 pm in room 652. Pizza and refreshments are included!

9.  Spring Cookout: The spring cookout will be on Saturday, April 26th  from noon to 4:30 pm at Cordonices Park at Picnic Shelter #1.  Please bring a small dish with you since it will be a potluck event.   This will be a non-alcoholic event since there is ‘no alcohol’ allowed in the park.  We are looking forward to seeing you there!


Volunteer Opportunities

BPEP Committee:  The Berkeley Postdoc Entrepreneur Program (BPEP) is looking for two new committee members.  If you are interested in entrepreneurship and would like to be part of a team of like-minded & dynamic fellows who want to promote entrepreneurship on campus, we invite you to reach out to us. We are looking for postdocs (but we are open-minded) from all fields, preferably people who are able to commit to the 2014 calendar year.  It's a great opportunity to grow your network and steer the direction of BPEP.  If you're interested, please send the following information to bpep.ucb@gmail.com by Jan 13, 2014.


That’s all for this month folks.

For more information, look us up at http://postdoc.berkeley.edu/ or to sign up for postdocnet; an informal list to exchange info and look for furniture, housing, etc. - go to https://calmail.berkeley.edu/manage/list/listinfo/postdocnet@lists.berkeley.edu


If you know someone that doesn’t receive our emails, but would like to, they need to REGISTER their email address.  To register, or to change the address your emails are sent to, write to vspa@berkeley.edu

Hoping to see you this month!


With thanks,
Your Berkeley Postdoctoral Association (BPA)



Interested in Outreach? 

Community Resources for Science


Community Resources for Science (CRS) is a non-profit organization dedicated to connecting and engaging educators, students, and scientists in a vibrant community working together to excite all children about learning through the scientific exploration. CRS is funded by foundation and corporate grants, including UC Chancellor's Community Partnership Fund and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, and private donations. Through the Bay Area Scientists in Schools (BASIS) program, CRS recruits, prepares, and places Cal scientists and science students into local classrooms to deliver hands-on science lessons aligned with state standards, and to serve as enthusiastic and diverse role models.  CRS also facilitates classroom placements for various Cal education outreach groups, provides information and support services to teachers in Berkeley, Oakland, Emeryville and other local schools, and partners with Cal campus programs for pre-service teachers including CalTeach and Environmental Leadership Pathway