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The Berkeley Postdoctoral Association (BPA) is a volunteer organization of postdocs working for all postdocs.  On our website you can find information on social events, schedule of orientation for new postdoctoral scholars, policy issues of interest to Berkeley postdoctoral scholars, announcements for seminars for professional development, and lists of useful resources

Meet the Board 2016 - 2017 

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Events and Announcements for February 2017

The BPA board is always looking for volunteers to help organize fun and enriching events for our postdoctoral community. In particular, we currently need a new volunteer to coordinate the All Talks Considered series, designed to bridge communication across the many fields of research found on the Berkeley campus; if interested, send an email to vspa@berkeley.edu.  For other ways to get involved, please join us at our next board meeting and share your ideas!

Check out the great events for the month of March on our own UC Berkeley campus below.




February 9

PTOP Board Meeting, 1:00 PM 321 Stanley Hall



February 16

BPA Monthly Board Meeting, 12:00 PM CR11 California Hall



February 27

OPEN Lunchtime Discussion, 12:00 PM 309 Sproul Hall






NightLife at the California Academy of Sciences




Committee members needed for PIEP (details provided below)



Late spring 2017

Organizers needed for UCSF-UC Berkeley Postdoctoral Research Symposium



1.      Postdoc Teaching Opportunities Program (PTOP) Board Meeting

PTOP will be holding its monthly board meeting on Thursday, February 9 at 1:00 PM in 321 Stanley Hall. We will discuss opportunities for teaching at UC Berkeley in the Fall 2017 semester and giving updates on our efforts to establish teaching opportunities at the colleges and universities in the Bay Area for this coming summer.

For those who are interested, please contact Dr. Marta Vuckovic at martavucko@berkeley.edu to learn more information about PTOP and attendance at the board meeting.

2.      BPA Monthly Board Meeting:

Would you like to get involved in the Berkeley Postdoc Association?  Do you have ideas about issues that affect postdocs, social events to recommend, or programs you'd like to start?  Come join us!  The BPA is holding regular monthly meetings the third Thursday of every month, and the meeting is open to all UC Berkeley Postdocs.  The BPA is a great way to meet other postdocs, gain leadership experience, and make a difference in the postdoc community.  Come join us at 12:00 pm in CR11 California Hall, Thursday February 16.  Food is included. Because of the location in California Hall, registration may be required beforehand—stay tuned for more information.

3.      OPEN luncheon and discussion:

The Opportunities for Postdoc Equity Networking (OPEN) Program is hosting its monthly lunchtime discussion event.  Join us for lunch and an informal discussion where we can share our experiences, as well as offer and receive advice and support from fellow postdocs. This month's topic is: The Challenges Foreigners Face in Academia, with special guest Dr. Saray Ayala, Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy, California State University Sacramento. Dr. Ayala has written on the topic of foreigners and accent-based prejudice and runs the blog, “What is it like to be a foreigner in academia?” (beingaforeignerinacademia.wordpress.com ).

OPEN is a program initiated by the Berkeley Postdoctoral Association to promote equity, diversity and inclusion in the postdoc and graduate student community.  Its mission is to build a network of core groups of postdocs and graduate students that focus on issues that women, ethnic minorities, LGBTQIA community and other groups face in academia. OPEN promotes intersectionality and dialogue between these groups and the broader postdoc and graduate student community in a series of events and activities.

Details: Monday, February 27, 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM, 309 Sproul Hall. Light lunch will be provided.


4.      Postdoc Industry Exploration Program (PIEP) committee members needed

 Fellow postdocs,

 Are you looking for a career outside of academia? Want to meet top minds in industry and expand your career options, all while networking and building leadership experience? Join the PIEP committee! Every year PIEP hosts over a dozen events, from workshops on alternative careers to site visits with local companies--all of which are organized by postdocs like you! (See below.) Have an idea for an event you'd like to see? Join us and make it happen! 

Who should apply? We are interested in candidates from all fields to expand the range of our events to meet the interests of our postdoc community. 

What is the commitment? The committee meets every two weeks and each member is expected to help organize site visits and workshops throughout the year.  This averages to about two hours per week.

If you are interested in being a part of a nationwide movement to improve scientific training for non-academic careers, please email a short description of yourself, including why you would be a good fit for the PIEP committee and any suggestions for future workshops or site visits. 

To: UCB.piep@gmail.com 

Subject: “PIEP 2017 Recruiting”

Recent site visits: Medtronic, Amgen, Bolt Threads, Novartis, Genentech, Facebook, Gilead, Caribou

Recent workshops: Data Science, Recruiter's Perspective, Robotics, Consulting, Startup Career Fair

5.      Organizers Needed : UCSF-UC Berkeley Postdoctoral Research Symposium 

Last year, UCSF hosted a successful postdoc research symposium showcasing the best research across the university along with two renowned keynote speakers.  This year, they have extended the invitation to UC Berkeley to co-host this symposium.  Right now we are soliciting volunteers to help organize this event, which is expected to take place in late spring 2017.  If you are interested, please email Corinne Sadlowski at csadlowski@berkeley.edu.  For more information about last year's event, see http://psasymp.ucsf.edu/  

6.      Volunteer Opportunity – Present at NightLife at the California Academy of Sciences 

Each Thursday, the California Academy of Sciences hosts NightLife, an adults-only (age 21+) event. In addition to the regular museum exhibits, there are also drinks, food, music and special presentations revolving around a changing weekly theme. Following the different weekly themes, we bring in relevant local scientists and companies to present their work and research to NightLife museum visitors. We would like to invite local postdoctoral researchers to join us at upcoming events to present on their work and research.

Upcoming NightLife Schedule

Dates marked with asterisks (**) are weeks that we currently have the greatest need for presenters. 

February 2 – Lunar New Year

o Year of the Rooster!

o Looking for: science relating to roosters or the moon.

February 9 – Noise Pop

o Science of sound – sound, music, neuroscience, sensory perception.

o Looking for: recordings of animal calls, recordings from the field, studies relating to animal communication by sound (birdsongs, whales/dolphins, etc).

February 16 – SF Beer Week

o Beer science – ingredients, fermentation, flavors, history, etc.

February 23 – NightLife Light

o CAS-focused presentations – no need for outside partners

March 2 – How-To Night; Foods & Beverages

o Looking for fun interesting demos specifically related to food and drinks.

March 9 – Mind & Body

o We are looking for new, exciting medical research; yoga/exercise/fitness; general health & wellness.

March 16 – Nocturnal

o Science of the night! Nocturnal creatures, discussion of circadian rhythms, night vision (in animals and technology), etc.

March 23 – Robots

o Anything about robots! How they’re made, what they’re used for, new technologies and applications, demos or prototypes.

March 30 – NightLife Light

o CAS-focused presentations – no need for outside partners 

Presentation Details

Table presentations are laid out throughout the museum, with visitors walking through and stopping by tables throughout the night. Successful presentations include some interactive components (demos, specimens, games, etc.) along with informational material such as posters, fact sheets, and short verbal presentations. Photos from past events can be found on the NightLife Facebook page, to help you gain a better understanding of the presentation format. Presenters generally have a great deal of freedom and flexibility regarding the content of their presentation, as long as it loosely ties in with the night's theme. While we mostly look for tabling presentations, we are also open to workshops, games and lectures if they are suitable for the night’s events.

Attendance at these events ranges from 2000-3500 people, with a few hundred visitors typically stopping by tables throughout the night. Attendees generally have a high school/early college level of science education, so it helps to develop a presentation that focuses more on general concepts rather than all the specific details of your particular research area. This is a great opportunity to present your research to an interested but broad public audience.

Logistical Details

Set up time is from 5-6pm, and NightLife runs from 6-10pm, though tables typically wind down around 9pm. Presenters receive complimentary pizza and drink tickets, as well as a guest list for free entry for family and friends to come see you!

Our goal is to have presenters confirmed 4-6 weeks in advance of the event. Anyone potentially interested in presenting should email the NightLife Scientific Programming Volunteer Julie Choe (jchoe@calacademy.org) to start a conversation, or even just if you have any questions


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 Interested in Outreach? 

Community Resources for Science:  www.crscience.org

Community Resources for Science (CRS) is a non-profit organization dedicated to connecting and engaging educators, students, and scientists in a vibrant community working together to excite all children about learning through the scientific exploration. CRS is funded by foundation and corporate grants, including UC Chancellor's Community Partnership Fund and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, and private donations. Through the Bay Area Scientists in Schools (BASIS) program, CRS recruits, prepares, and places Cal scientists and science students into local classrooms to deliver hands-on science lessons aligned with state standards, and to serve as enthusiastic and diverse role models.  CRS also facilitates classroom placements for various Cal education outreach groups, provides information and support services to teachers in Berkeley, Oakland, Emeryville and other local schools, and partners with Cal campus programs for pre-service teachers including CalTeach and Environmental Leadership Pathway