Meet the BPA Board!

Core Leadership


Michael Kosicki 


Michael is a 3rd year postdoc at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. He is studying how activity of regulatory DNA influences embryonic development and roles of DNA damage repair in genomic engineering.

Favorite Pastime: Books and old science

Favorite Place to Eat in Berkeley: Cafe Raj

Recommendation for things to do in the Bay Area: Move to SF

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Vice President

Israel Borokini

Department of Integrative Biology

Dr. Israel Borokini is a postdoctoral research fellow in the Department of Integrative Biology, University of California, Berkeley, United States.His research focuses on combining ecological, geospatial, genomic, cytological, and phylogenetic data to identify patterns of community assemblages and biodiversity, and the eco-evolutionary mechanisms that generate and maintain them. His research sits at the junction of plant ecology and biogeography, with potentials for application in conservation science, policy, and management. Borokini completed his Ph.D. in the Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology graduate program at the University of Nevada, Reno, United States.


Mark Plitt

Molecular and Cell Biology

Mark is a first year postdoc at UC Berkeley. He is studying the synaptic mechanisms that enable animals to learn and perform spatial navigation.

Favorite pastime: running and biking through the hills

Favorite place to eat: New Dumpling (El Cerrito)

Twitter handle: @MarkPlitt

Board Members

Francesca Burgos Bravo - Co-Chair of Social Events Committee

Molecular and Cell Biology

Francesca is a 4th year postdoc at UC Berkeley studying how does nucleosome regulate Pol II transcription at the single-molecule level using Optical Tweezers

Favorite Pastime: Biking, cooking, tennis, spending time with my family and friends

Favorite Place to Eat in Berkeley: Great China

Recommendation for things to do in the Bay Area: Visit the museums in San Francisco

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Alexandros Karampatzakis - Co-Chair of Social Events Committee 

Molecular and Cell Biology

Alexandros is a 2nd year postdoc at UC Berkeley. He is working with NK cells and how they can utilized for cancer immunotherapy. 

Favorite Pastime: Soccer, tennis, music, hiking, cycling

Favorite Place to Eat in Berkeley: Wolfhound

Recommendation for things to do in the Bay Area: Explore parks and the seaside

Ana Vidu - Co-Chair of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Sociology Department

Ana started a 2nd year postdoc at UCB, conducting research on networks of solidarity to improve mechanisms of prevention, action and support against sexual harassment on campus.

Favorite Pastime: biking, hiking, seaside hang outs, meseums

Favorite Place to eat in Berkeley: Zachary’s Chicago Pizza

Twitter handle: @anavidu

Guanghan Meng - Co-Chair of Diversity Equity, and Inclusion

School of Optometry & Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Guanghan is 2nd year postdoc at Berkeley inventing optical imaging technologies to study eye and brain function.

Favorite pastime: hiking, traveling, piano

Favorite place to eat in Berkeley: Bag O’ Crab, Tasty Pot, Bangkok Thai Cuisine

Twitter handle: @guanghan_meng

Xiao Liu

Molecular and Cell Biology 

Xiao is a 2nd year postdoc at UC Berkeley. Her research focuses on how neuron size impacts the structure and function of the vertebrate nervous system during development.

Favorite Pastime: I’m an avid cooker, baker, and board gamer :)

Favorite Place to Eat in Berkeley: Easterly

Recommendation for things to do in the Bay Area: Hiking in beautiful parks such as Muir Woods.

Kanika Khanna

Molecular and Cell Biology

Kannika came to Berkeley in February of 2022 and studies the structural basis of host-pathogen interactions

Favorite pastime: crochet, hiking, cooking

Favorite place to eat in Berkeley: Sliver Pizza, Udupi

Twitter handle: @khannakanika111

Rafael Quintero-Bermudez

Department of Chemistry

Rafa is a 2nd year posdoc. He studies ultrafast electronic phenomena in solids, but really he just fiddles with lasers and big chambers all day. “Now where did I leave that wrench….”

Favorite pastimes: eating, camping, enjoying the perennial sunny weather, staring at the endless produce selection in Berkeley Bowl and Monterrey Market

Favorite place to eat in Berkeley: Lulu and Cheeseboard